Taverns are usually small restaurants that are known for serving beer, drinks, and bar style food. Taverns were very popular in the Colonial Times because they also provided rooms for men who were traveling through that part of town. Today, taverns have changed quite a bit, but are still known for their affordable drinks and food. There are taverns located all over the country, but the following make up some the most delicious and well priced ones that there are.

1. The Buffet in Tucson, Arizona is one of the oldest bars in the area. Cheap beer and alcoholic beverages are among the most popular choices here.

2. The Brewer’s Art in Baltimore, Maryland is a tavern located in an old mansion that serves Belgian-style beers on tap.

3. Wellfleet, Massachusetts is home to the Beachcomber tavern. Located on a sand dune, directly on the water, this tavern is one of a kind.

4. Charlie B’s in Missoula, Montana is among one of the high rated bars in America.

5. Yankton, South Dakota is where to will find Ice House, once an old ice factory located on the Missouri River.

To find the top 10 affordable taverns near you, a simple internet search should lead you in the right direction.