Families are busier than ever. School, work, chores, projects and activities keep us running from sunrise to sunset. At the end of a long day we all crave a home cooked meal to share with loved ones. When fast food or leftovers just won’t do gather the family and head to Anne’s for some mouth watering old fashion fare.

Anne’s serves the ultimate home cooked meals. Lovingly prepared from scratch, each meal is a timeless delight. Anne’s is proud and committed to using only the freshest quality ingredients sourced from regional farmers and dairies. Generations have enjoyed recipes passed down from grandmother to mother to granddaughter, each adding their own unique touch and special twist.

Home cooking is an act of love. There’s something to be said about a family gathering around a table to share a meal. It’s a time to unwind, reconnect, laugh and share. It’s a time to strengthen bonds and make memories. It’s an hour where the outside world ceases to exist. Anne’s serves up more than just heaping portions of food; Anne’s is an experience.

An ultimate home cooked meal is what traditions are made of. Anne’s is family dining the way it’s supposed to be.

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