If you are looking for the Ultimate Steakhouse, you have a great job. What this means to you and your dining friends, is that you are destined to try every eligible contestant to find and declare the best steakhouse experience in town.

First of all, contact a few good friends, those who really enjoy devouring a good steak, ribs or steakhouse burger, and agree on a Friday or Saturday night. There are certain characteristics that you and your bunch will have to decide on. Here is a short list:

How is the environment? Do they want to run you out quickly, or allow you to enjoy your night at your own pace?
How’s the service? Food is always more important, but service does deserve discussion.
Is the price reasonable for the taste and ambiance?
The most important part, the reason you came out, how was the steak? Was it served hot and sizzling? Did you like the spices or the rub? Was the portion a good size for you?

After your party has finished and discussed all the criteria, decide if you would return to this restaurant again, and if yes, put them in the finals, and plan the next restaurant. Good luck on your journey finding your Ultimate Steakhouse.